Hi everyone! We are finally launching J&J Hazen Meats new website. There will be some changes yet to come with some additions, and we may switch some other things around as we get more things organized, but here it is. As a company, we are growing. Now that we are a USDA facility, we have producers coming from a little bit farther away, and more interest in some of the products and services we offer. So we are trying to get more things online to streamline different parts of our business. We want to keep this blog to show you guys new things we are offering, any changes in the company itself, maybe answer some questions we get asked regularly, and even update you on any new things in the exciting lives of our family/employees. We love to feel connected with our producers and customers and always look forward to visiting and keeping up with anything exciting they have to say, so this is our way of keeping you guys updated on our lives as well. We hope you find it an easy way to stay up to date! Thanks for checking it out!!