J&J Hazen Meats

J&J Hazen Meats is here to provide quality processing and good quality cuts of meat, always doing so with a friendly attitude thereby bringing back the old butcher shop style to Hazen.

We Believe in Quality

A Farm to Table Butcher

Since 2016

Our Story


J&J Hazen meets is a family-owned local butcher shop. We started with a dream to run our own business when the opportunity to buy Hazen Meats presented itself. We’ve always seen the potential for it to be more than it was, and we’ve had Big Dreams since getting it started. It had always been a custom butcher shop with retail products available, but we saw an opportunity to make it more and actually be able to provide the local people with locally produced products. We’ve been working on our USDA certification for quite some time, and we are very excited to be able to share with you that we are now a USDA certified facility. What this means for the consumer is that we can now buy butcher animals from local producers and sell that as our retail products. You can get a fresh steak cut off of a loin that came from a farm down the street. This has been our goal since buying the shop. We believe that North Dakota has some of the best beef available, why not have that be the meat going on people’s dinner plates. We will also be able to offer local pork, local bison, and local elk as we get going. People want to know where their food comes from, and we are happy to be able to provide that awareness to our customers.

Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Mission

J&J Hazen Meats is here to provide quality processing and good quality cuts of meat, always doing so with a friendly attitude thereby bringing back the old butcher shop style to Hazen.

Our Vision

We just want to see local people able to enjoy local meat, and if we can get this delicious local meat distributed beyond our local consumers, we think people would be able to taste the difference. When we took over the butcher shop, it was just a dream to own our own business… Now that dream has expanded to a vision of wanting to see our business grow and help our customers expand their hopes and dreams as well. People are changing their views of their food, and consumers want to know where their food comes from. We want to help them obtain that knowledge by connecting them to the ranchers who pour their heart and soul into raising food for other families.

Our Facility

The butcher shop, as it stands, was once a local sales ring for ranchers to buy and sell cattle. It was transformed into a butcher shop by its original owners back in the mid-80’s. It was sold to its second owners in the early 2000’s, and we took over in 2016. It had always been a custom butcher shop with a retail meats section, but we just wanted to do more. So in 2018, we went through the process of getting our USDA Federally Inspected status. We have an attached barn to put animals in overnight making it easier so our customers can drop off the night before. We have an on site slaughter floor to ensure that we can slaughter your animals in the most sanitary conditions, and we have both a drip cooler and an aging cooler that allow us to slaughter up to 15 beef per week and hang them on average for 2 weeks. Our retail selections are at the front of our store, and you can peak through a little window into our processing room to see our employees hard at work cutting up the meat for your enjoyment.

Retail Selections

We love to be able to offer the local beef and pork, and the harder to find Elk and Bison. We also LOVE to try new things, and have a really great time coming up with new, sometimes off the wall, sausage ideas. We have tried things like pumpkin sausage, apple pie sausage, and a whole line of flavored brats from taco, to blueberry, to pepperoni pizza. We also love to be able to help families with quick easy dinners like fully cooked in house smoked pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and even side belly burnt ends that just need to be reheated and enjoyed.


“Five Stars!”

Our go-to meat market!

The hot breakfast sausage is so darn good. From now on when we make breakfast for family or friends it will have your sausage or bacon. I’m sure the horse camp people will say the same!!

Amazing Customer Service

You guys have amazing customer service and so many great products! These new flavored brats are ridiculously good! Anyone who isn’t getting these brats is missing out!

Blueberry brats! AMAZING!

I was a little skeptical at first also but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! The Taco brats were also a hit! It’s a whole meal wrapped in one! We will definitely be going back for more!

Great meats at reasonable prices

J&J Hazen Meats made the brats and burgers for our 40th anniversary cookout at Napa in both Beulah and Hazen. Friendly people and the meats were great and reasonably priced!