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Since 2016

Since 2016

Our Story

We are Justin and Jessica Hill, and we started J&J Hazen Meats, Inc in 2016. We bought a pre-existing custom butcher shop because we were having a hard time finding a place to process our own meat. We increased the processing from the 3 a week the previous owners were doing to around 15 animals a week. We decided to go USDA Federal Inspected because we want to get local consumers buying local beef. We believe that our local beef is some of the best beef you can find, and we wanted to find a way to get that delicious beef onto YOUR plates. We have rebranded in 2019/2020, and are now doing business as Hill Top Meats, Inc. We are a family owned business, and we, along with our employees and 6 children, love to greet our customers with a friendly smile. We really enjoy trying new and different things with different cuts of meat or sausage flavors. We love being able to get to know our customers, and we really appreciate the support they have shown since we first began. We have big plans for 2021. We hope to work with even more producers and hope to help our current producers expand their options even more!

100% Fresh Daily

Custom Slaughter and Processing

The team at Hill Top Meats strives to provide you and your family with the best quality meats and meat processing.

USDA vs. Custom

Depending on what you plan to do with your beef, you may want to look into the different options we have available. If you plan to either put that whole animal into your own freezer, or sell it by the hoof weight to other customers (whole animal, halves, quarters, etc) so that you and those customers can select their own cuts, steak sizes, etc, then you can choose to have that animal butchered under what is called “Custom Exempt”. This just means we are working directly for you, cutting your meat to your specifications. This meat cannot be re sold once it leaves our facility, and it will be marked with a label that says “not for sale”.

If you would like to sell that meat once it is processed, then you need to specify that you want the animal butchered and processed under USDA Inspection. What this means is that we will do that animal from start to finish under federal inspection. We have a federal inspector watching over the process and double checking our paperwork to be sure that it follows their requirements. Our “bug” or identifying marker will be on all the packages, but then you are able to sell the meat that we have processed by the pound (just be sure to check with your state and local health departments to be sure you are following the laws). We LOVE to help you get your own logo on your meat if you plan to sell direct to consumers. If you are interested in this, please ask about the possibilities when booking!








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We believe our local Midwestern meat is some of the best meat you can buy. We chose to do this so we can get this amazing, tasty meat onto the plates in front of you, the consumers, so you can enjoy the best as well!