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J&J Hazen Meats, Inc

J&J Hazen Meats, Inc

Here at J&J Hazen Meats, we love to have fun. We strive to keep our place a fun work environment with friendly faces greeting our customers, and lots of laughing and joking while we work. Justin and the crew love to have music going, and if you catch them off guard, you may even be able to see them busting out some moves as they work. Our employees aren’t just people who work for us, but they are like family to us, and that is just how we want it.

Justin Hill

Justin Hill


Justin has always had a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Husband to Jessica and father to their 5 kids, he had a dream to own his own business after a variety of jobs in the fields of construction, policing, and oilfield when he finally decided to follow his dream. He does everything from butchering to processing, and helps come up with new ideas to keep things fun around the shop. Justin is a jokester, and if you have ever had a conversation with him, you have probably seen that about him. He is great at keeping a straight face, and makes it really hard to tell if he is teasing or not. He loves to try to scare people by popping up when they least expect it (but don’t worry, every now and then his wife or employees get him back). He has a real passion for what he does, and has big dreams to achieve with his business. He has a very friendly personality and a lot of drive. His fun sense of humor keeps everyone at the shop guessing, but makes for a fun work environment for all. 

Jessica Hill


Jessica (the first “J”, and most important if you ask her) is occasionally up at the shop helping out with odds and ends and retail. She is the company’s bookkeeper, as well as Justin’s wife, and her family’s main caretaker. She has 5 children at home.  She never in her wildest dreams imagined being the owner of a butcher shop, but her husband has had some wild ideas, and this one somehow managed to work out (besides, unlimited BACON…. need I say more?). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, baking, and coming up with new meat ideas to drive her husband crazy. 

Nick Eckroth

General Manager

Nick is our store General Manager. He does everything from processing to slaughter. He is a great asset to our company, and a very hard worker. We are grateful that he has stuck with us since shortly after we opened, and that he is willing to put up with Justin’s shenanigans at work. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time on the lake. Nick has really become part of our family, and even the kids.

Eric Bickerstaff


Lacey Bickerstaff


Brandon Heaton


Brandon joined us in 2018 as a part time employee. He pretty much sticks to the de-boning table, but helps out with other things here and there. He works mornings and a couple of full days a week. In the evenings, Brandon works as Head Chef at Little’s Bar and Grill in Pick City. Outside of work, he enjoys camping, outdoors, and spending time with his wife and kids. Be sure to give compliments to the chef if you are in Pick City and stop for dinner!

The Hill Kids

The Hill Kids

Running around, greeting customers, and helping out where able

Brody (10), Quinten (6), Wesley (4), Sage (2) and Talen (10 months) are the kids of Justin and Jessica. You can find them around the shop on days they decide to go help out dad or accompany mom to the shop. They love to help where they can, and are always willing to greet customers who come while they are at work. You may see them out playing in front of the building, riding their scooters or bikes and finding trouble to get into. As time goes on, we hope they will learn more and more parts of the business and be able to take some of the load off their dad.

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